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When we learn to read the signs of life we can easier navigate the existential river. Like a mysterious stream of events and opportunities, we are co-creating. This way of understanding opes the way to your trust in life. The deep knowledge that life is designed to work with us instead of against. And here lies the key to tranquility and abundance. The chance to draw your life as a true work of art. 


In unique business and lifestyle programs you are going to grow in trust and developing our consciousness to a new level. Because trust is the basis for authentic leadership, success and creation.

Special offer:

Because of the uncertain times, we are finding ourselves in, due to Corona and an almost global quarantine, together with Leoni van de Water, I am offering a special 6- or 12-week program Reset body & mind: integrate an intuitive way of living. It is a great program if you are looking to further develop a self-explorative practice from home, to enhance new ways of thinking and doing, deepen your own mindfulness practice, or integrate your mindset also outside of your personal time on your meditation cushion or yoga mat. Read more about the program here.


Who are you?

A heart-motivated doer,

An authentic leader,

An inspired out-of-the-box thinker,

A highly conscious creative or role model,

An entrepreneur with a mission,

Or recovery from an unbalanced Western system.


You want to connect yourself with a deep sense of confidence—beyond fear, stress, and worry. You realize that success, authenticity and wealth are achieved through tranquility, trust, and a powerful center. Creating the perfect balance between heart, mind & gut.

In the 6-month during programs we will:

  • Access a new layer of understanding and knowing

  • Move less from the mind and more from the heart

  • Activate a new way of decision making

  • Apply energy and mindfulness tools in your personal and professional life

  • Translate your potential to a higher offer

  • (Re)design your business, project of personal vision

These programs are for you if you:

  • Are consciousness, sensitive and open

  • Are ready for a new way of navigating through life—instead of fear, based on trust

  • Want start use the unknown as a positive transformative factor

  • Want to create space and tranquility in the daily dynamics and uncertainty 

  • Heighten your intuition and wisdom

  • Are open to make time and space for a daily practice

I combine the knowledge, the school of life, and decisiveness. I bring energy and movement. This means not only a revolution in consciousness but also a transformation in your professional life and/or business.

Change from the inside, as well as out


In the programs, we do only work on personal growth, but also on redesigning and aligning your professional life, business or project. Because personal and professional growth goes hand in hand. I oversee and reunite your vision. We translate your potential into a superior offer and coordinate this visually + conceptually.


Through a program:

  • You’re going to experience the world in a new way 

  • You start developing towards a new layer of consciousness

  • You create tranquility and space

  • You get in touch with a deep sense of confidence (trust in your path, your life, your decisions and trust in yourself)

  • You become comfortable with the unknown and uncertainty

  • You get the power of interconnectedness— a new connection with people

  • You attract things and do more (by doing less)

  • You experience more lightness, freedom, and happiness

  • Increase your income and output

1-1 time strategy, energy and creativity


The 1-on-1 sessions are focused on your personal path. Delving deep into the structures of the mind and overcoming fears and obstacles. Tool t create trust, tranquility and connection—personally and professionally. I support you strategically, energetically, and creatively.

consciousness & connection days 


Raising our awareness together. To connect—with ourselves and with each other. Because consciousness is the foundation for creation. Through consciousness and connection days we will learn from inspiring people, gain new tools and insights, and have extraordinary sessions. 


& group wisdom 


Together we can do more. We attract what we vibrate. We are all connected. Relating and Resonating. In group dynamic, we will grow, challenge and support each other. We do this live and through weekly online sessions. A time for connection, questions and reflection.


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